Monday, October 31, 2011

classic halloween decor

Happy Halloween! It's the spookiest day of the year. Though I love all the cheesy decorations and tacky lights, here are a few clean and classic ways to spice up your home for the trick-or-treater's that will be coming around tonight-

Friday, October 28, 2011

pop-up perfection

Last night we ventured out to Georgetown to attend the Ledbury pop-up shop's launch party full awesome music, good people, a little beer & wine - and amazing clothing. It didn't hurt to see an old friend from Richmond & meet some new ones along the way. The shop - which is open from now until Sunday in Georgetown, DC - oozed a "manly chic" style with animal heads on the walls, warm oriental rugs on the floors and black & white photographs of tailors and boutiques of yesterday. I must say, it was a wonderful adventure on a damp Thursday evening.

One of the Ledbury shirt boxes
Ledbury launched their men's shirt company two years ago, and operates out of a convereted tobacco warehouse in downtown Richmond's Shockoe Bottom. I can't say enough about how beautifully tailored their shirts are - they're crisp, tailored to perfection, and they have beautiful colors and patterns to boot. I can't wait to get Mr. S into one!

I chatted for a bit with Paul Trible, one of the company's two founders - both are named Paul(!) - and his passion for his products and the excitement of his growing brand were infections. Kudos, Paul - keep up the amazing work!

Be sure to check out their website and snatch up a few of their shirts for the guy in your life! Here are few shots I took from the event last night -

Mr. S and Mr. Werderman

Yeah that's right - I'm a DJ in my spare time

Thursday, October 27, 2011

addicted to craigslist

I check Craigslist at least a few times per week -it's truly a treasure chest of deals and beautiful things! I have some items in mind that I'd like to find for our condo, but just can seem to find the time to go grab them - better yet, I don't have any where to put new things! With less than 1,000 sq. ft. in our condo space is tight to say the least. Mr. S is quite attached to his bachelor-pad furniture, and while we've made strides to compromise on new pieces that suit us both, I'm struggling with the last few items that I believe would really pull our place together. Here are few things that I have my eye on...

Nate Berkus Headboard
I've not pulled the trigger on a headboard because we have a beautiful gold mirror over our bed, but I'm salivating over this pretty number.

Gentleman's Chest
Mr. S has a MOUNTAIN of T-shirts that he can't seem to part with - I'd love to add a piece like this to our room to help him keep them more organized rather than stored under our bed.

Spello Chain Natural Rug
I love, love geometric prints and want a rug like this to add to define our "living room" space - but Mr. S is obsessed with a deep red oriental rug my parents gave us.

Mid Century Modern Sideboard
I'm looking for a TV stand that is long and has plenty of storage - I'm loving the mid-century modern lines these days

Sofa table/console
I don't know where on earth this would go, but I'm loving how rustic it is
 We have in the last few months purchased a new Restoration Hardware English Roll-Arm couch that we scored for $500!! After months, nay a year, of searching I found our perfect sofa - 91 l x 48 d x 34 h. We had impulse purchased a Haverty's sleeper that just didn't fit our overall look of our place and simply satisfied the sleeper sofa need and nothing more.

Then last week while Mr. S was away for work I scored this Crate and Barrel coffee table for $40 from a lovely family looking to get rid of the unsafe table because their triplets were beginning to walk & needed it gone quickly. The new glass table opens up our space and makes the sitting area feel larger - amen to glass in small spaces!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what kind of blogger are you?

As a part of my coporate job I study social media and do some strategy work on the side helping companies track consumer trends through their social media  listening posts. During my morning read today I stumbled upon an article "The Evolution of the Blog" and this infographic below. I'm not sure where I would fit on in this whole schemeatic of blogger types, but thought I needed to share with you all - which type of blogger are you?


i just can't get enough...julia child

I recently on a whim after finishing my last read, "The Hunger Games" trilogy, I purchased Julia Child's book "My Life in France" and I cannot put it down.
While I know the book's been made into a movie and been around quite some time, I've recently been wishing myself to move abroad again, Europe this go-around - not back to Africa as I often "threaten" (Don't worry Mom & Dad!). And so, I've been swept away by Julia's whimsical tails of amazing foods, wine,  her deep appreciation and passion for the people, the culture, the city of Paris and France in general - her love for it all. Julia's zest for life and learning the art of French cooking and all that comes with it is infectious. Despite remembering her mostly as a tall, funny talking old lady my Mom watched on TV to learn to make "fancy" dishes when I was kid - she has become my new inspiration.

I'm dying to snatch up her cook books and kick off my own French cuisine excursion - perhaps it's not the prestigious Le Cordon Blu, but I have no doubt that her attention to detail and exactness in her cooking will inspire me to be the best Julia Child cooking student I can be.

Here are few images of Julia that make me smile - Enjoy!

Julia at Le Cordon Blu with her professor Chef Bugnard

Julia and Paul's Valentine's Day Card

Julia on the set of her famous cooking show

Monday, October 24, 2011

dreaming of italia

This time last year Mr.S and I were bashing around Italy on our Honeymoon - eating, drinking wine (lots and lots of wine), eating gelato after every meal, soaking in the sun, the art, the culture, and the shopping! As I ate my lean cuisine at lunch today (sigh...), I began dreaming about the amazing meals, delicious wine and the magical time we spent in Italy.So, in honor of my day dreams and all things perfectly Italian, here are some of the things that were dancing around my head today - What are you day dreaming of this week?
Missing Italy

Sunday, October 23, 2011

roll tide roll

We're back from a whirl-wind weekend in Tuscaloosa, Alabama - home of my alma mater - the University of Alabama!! We coordinated a mini-reunion of sorts of my sorority pledge sisters to the Tennessee vs. Alabama football game. Now that the frequent reunions at weddings has slowed after our wedding last fall - we decided to make a point to share some time together more often. Nothing's more perfect in the fall than good friends, great weather, southern charm and an Alabama football win! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the weekend - Roll Tide!

a few of us at the Cocke's tailgate

our favorite pi phi security guard, Bill

mr.s at the phi gamma delta house on campus

pi phi loves the tide

class of 2003-2004 pi phi composite

reese phifer hall - home of the C&IS

halloween pi phi fun

Thursday, October 20, 2011

geek chic

I've worn glasses since 7th grade - first for reading the chalkboard in class. Then my up close vision started going, and in 9th grade I was bestowed a granny style pair of bi-focal's, and officially in 11th grade everything went down the drain and I got contacts - as Mr. S puts it I have "googly eyes."

I'm a HUGE fan of the chic plastic glasses that seem to be everywhere these days - but I don't love the price-tag that seems to come with them. These beauties made by Oliver Goldsmith will set you back $300 + for the frames alone!

Now, I'm all for a good splurge on quality products, but I have my limits .Because I find myself having to get a new glasses prescription every 12 months, and because I like to keep things fresh (who doesn't?!) I just can't justify spending the kind of cash that the optometrist charges for new glasses or Lenscrafters, for that matter.

So with my next eye appointment around the corner, I've already begun hunting for some new specs - here's a few of what I'm into from some really great budget, but style conscious.

Bonlook offers prescription glasses and sunglasses for $99! They value chic European style, but offer made in the USA(!) affordable glasses with really awesome names - here are a few I'm loving!
Drink the kool-aid in tortise

Bonnie-Clyde in green

Simply Fabulous in havana

Spexclub, like Bonlook, offers chic and affordable glasses, however in this competitive market - their prices are $88 per pair! Both of these great sites offers free shipping (!) and free returns within 30 days - which cannot be beat, since I've had a few times where I've ordered glasses online and not been pleased with my purchase - here are a few styles I'm loving from the Spexclub site -

Vesper in black 

Apprentice in brown
Andy in clear

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

making wednesday bright

It's rather bleak here in DC today and I needed a little pick-me-up this morning- here are a few things that are making me smile today - Happy Wednesday!

Making me happy on a wednesday

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