Thursday, October 20, 2011

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I've worn glasses since 7th grade - first for reading the chalkboard in class. Then my up close vision started going, and in 9th grade I was bestowed a granny style pair of bi-focal's, and officially in 11th grade everything went down the drain and I got contacts - as Mr. S puts it I have "googly eyes."

I'm a HUGE fan of the chic plastic glasses that seem to be everywhere these days - but I don't love the price-tag that seems to come with them. These beauties made by Oliver Goldsmith will set you back $300 + for the frames alone!

Now, I'm all for a good splurge on quality products, but I have my limits .Because I find myself having to get a new glasses prescription every 12 months, and because I like to keep things fresh (who doesn't?!) I just can't justify spending the kind of cash that the optometrist charges for new glasses or Lenscrafters, for that matter.

So with my next eye appointment around the corner, I've already begun hunting for some new specs - here's a few of what I'm into from some really great budget, but style conscious.

Bonlook offers prescription glasses and sunglasses for $99! They value chic European style, but offer made in the USA(!) affordable glasses with really awesome names - here are a few I'm loving!
Drink the kool-aid in tortise

Bonnie-Clyde in green

Simply Fabulous in havana

Spexclub, like Bonlook, offers chic and affordable glasses, however in this competitive market - their prices are $88 per pair! Both of these great sites offers free shipping (!) and free returns within 30 days - which cannot be beat, since I've had a few times where I've ordered glasses online and not been pleased with my purchase - here are a few styles I'm loving from the Spexclub site -

Vesper in black 

Apprentice in brown
Andy in clear

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