Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i just can't get enough...julia child

I recently on a whim after finishing my last read, "The Hunger Games" trilogy, I purchased Julia Child's book "My Life in France" and I cannot put it down.
While I know the book's been made into a movie and been around quite some time, I've recently been wishing myself to move abroad again, Europe this go-around - not back to Africa as I often "threaten" (Don't worry Mom & Dad!). And so, I've been swept away by Julia's whimsical tails of amazing foods, wine,  her deep appreciation and passion for the people, the culture, the city of Paris and France in general - her love for it all. Julia's zest for life and learning the art of French cooking and all that comes with it is infectious. Despite remembering her mostly as a tall, funny talking old lady my Mom watched on TV to learn to make "fancy" dishes when I was kid - she has become my new inspiration.

I'm dying to snatch up her cook books and kick off my own French cuisine excursion - perhaps it's not the prestigious Le Cordon Blu, but I have no doubt that her attention to detail and exactness in her cooking will inspire me to be the best Julia Child cooking student I can be.

Here are few images of Julia that make me smile - Enjoy!

Julia at Le Cordon Blu with her professor Chef Bugnard

Julia and Paul's Valentine's Day Card

Julia on the set of her famous cooking show

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