Thursday, November 10, 2011

all who wander are not lost...

...They merely yearn for more in life than the mundane and same.

My friend, Mrs. Roth, wrote to me this week and encouraged me to cover travel in my blog, and despite thinking this wasn't a travel blog - why can't it have a dash of exploring new horizons?  I've been dreaming lately of moving back to Africa, despite having been so home sick at the time - I blame a few out of control circumstance and certainly immaturity. Looking back, the simplicity of the life there, the quality of conversation, reflection, the self awareness and the continuous learning that come with being a stranger in a foreign land is as appealing today as was a 9 to 5 job and a daily commute was back then!

So, Mrs. Roth and the other 1,213 readers(!)  who've visited my humble blog thus far- here's where I am lusting to venture off to, with Ms. S and Jack in tow of course...

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