Monday, November 7, 2011

back splash spruce up

Last night I was sitting around at the dining room table working and looking at our drab kitchen, and I thought...What can I do to spruce things up in there? It's a small galley kitchen just as you walk into our condo & needs some updating. The cabinets are outdated as are the counter tops & floors, but we have slowly updated the appliances over the last year- hooray. In an effort to save money, I've been eyeing a few back-splash paint ideas-
chalkboard paint!

I bought several shades of blue over the summer as we were choosing colors for our bathroom, which ended up being khaki, but I decided on Behr Observatory (UL230-22) to spiffy up the kitchen. My plan is to find a geometric stencil and create some drama with a silver metallic paint over the blue in the coming weeks-  I'll be sure to share pictures of that too! Did you do any home improvement over the weekend?

 Behr Observatory (UL230-22)


in progress

Mr. S moved the stove out of the way so I could paint behind it

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