Sunday, November 20, 2011

eastern market excursion

Hannah came to visit this weekend, and with the amazing weather we had this weekend I couldn't help but wake up early and whisk her off to my favorite spot in DC - Eastern Market.  If you haven't been to Eastern Market, you must make a point to go. There's never a shortage of amazing people to watch, yummy treats to taste and lots of beautiful things to feast your eyes upon. There are arts and crafts vendors, fresh produce, cheeses, antiques, jewelry - you name it and it's there and it's awesome - 

our favorite vendor - the map guy

glass art

there I am
beautiful art and sister

best sign all day

perfect fall colors on the row houses - reminds me of the fan
julia child would approve of this little gem

nothing like hot dogs to wrap up a perfect sister sunday

Check out this really quick video I made on the Metro of us using my favorite new iPhone app - 8mm. It allows you to make videos using your iPhone using different filters and the true 8mm sound effects. I made this quick clip using the 60's filter. You can even take previously recorded videos from your iPhone and convert them in 8mm to any of their fun filters.

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