Wednesday, November 30, 2011

stationary technology

Earlier this week I wrote about my love for paper and gadgets! What better than combining the two? This day in age when our phone (uh- my phone) is glued to our hands, using technology to help you say "thank you", or a quick "how are ya?" has certainly become less taboo. In Matchbook Magazine a few months back I stumbled upon an advertisement for an iPhone app called, Red Stamp.

Red Stamp is an app for digital AND paper correspondence. They have over 400+ adorable and hip designs for notes that you can send via email, text, post to Facebook or Twitter, and they'll even mail them out for you as a postcards - no more going to the Post Office for stamps! The App will cost  $0.99 to get started, and depending upon the design you choose or your delivery method will cost a little extra for postage and such.

I can't say enough how about how much this simple app has made sending a thoughtful note to my family and friends who I don't see often so much easier. Bravo!! Go get Red Stamp for your iPhone today!

a few Red Stamp designs

all the wonderful ways to send your Red Stamp note

I sent this fun note to my friend Erin thanking her for
taking us to an Oriels game early this fall

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