Thursday, December 29, 2011

blessed beyond measure

I wanted to share a few snapshots from our Christmas with you all...I hope your holiday was as filled with love, laughter and with as many blessings as ours was! Cheers to many more wonderful memories and blessings abound.

my mother-in-law's homemade triple wreath door decor - beautiful!

the surber homestead all decorated for Christmas

granmommy's famous homemade cinnamon sticky buns
in progress
surber family christmas tree

beautiful granmommy sullivan!

family puzzle time

this kicked off the college themed christmas gifts this year

by christmas morning breakfast jack was pooped by all the fun and excitement
nolan family christmas tree in cville

thank you uncle jimmy for this awesome keepsake - Roll Tide!

college christmas continues

thank you aunt terry for jack's college spirit sweater

i adore this picture of mom and nana

i hope that you christmas was as much a blessing as ours was to spend with our family!

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