Tuesday, December 20, 2011

emi-jay love

Have you heard of emi-jay hair ties and headbands? If not, then I must say you're missing out! While I am all for grabbing a random hair tie and pulling my hair off my face at a moments notice, I hate that there's always a crease in my hair when I take down my bun or pony tail  + the standard run-of-the-mill hair ties you grab from the beauty department at the pharmacy can add to the breakage of your locks.

Emi-Jay's hair ties lie flat against your hair, and the elastic isn't so tight that it will fly across the room should you get a bit adventurous with your do or are in a hurry. (Full Disclosure - I lose more hair ties this way!) Not to mention, Emi- Jay's come in variety of colors and styles from tie-dye to classic nude or black, to army camo and even animal prints! Although these gems aren't available in your local Target or CVS, I suggest checking your favorite local boutique or the Emi-Jay retail locator

If you're still looking for that perfect stocking stuffer that your sister, mom, or friend will love and thank you for - go grab a few sets of Emi-Jay's!

hannah loves her Emi-Jay tie-dye  hair ties!
 (Mr. S put them in her stocking last year!)

**I am in no way affiliated with Emi-Jay's or paid to endorse their products. I simply am a consumer who values good products. The information in this post are my own thoughts and ideas.

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