Tuesday, December 13, 2011

trimming the tree

Yesterday I mentioned in my post that all of my shopping was completed and wrapped under the tree. I may have put the cart before the horse, because I've not shared anything about our tree... whelp, here it is! We picked out our tree from the local Home Depot last week and have trimmed it, and now it's officially Christmas at The Surbers. There's nothing more classic about Christmas than ornaments that have meaning on your tree - These spell love, memories and happiness...the true meaning of the season.

Also, many thanks for reading my blog's 50th post!! It's my readers that make my day & make it all worthwhile - your comments & encouragement keep me posting! Cheers to many more posts and exciting things to come!!!

trimming the tree

a gift from my parents the christmas we were engaged - 2 years ago!

roll tide!
in honor of 2011 - jack's very own raw-hide ornament
a gift from my old roomie ms. parker -
makes me think of getting our own live tree and putting it up all by ourselves!

can you tell we have a fisherman in our family?

our angel changes colors - it says so much about us (haha)
my favorite elves
all complete with packages under the tree!

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  1. This would have been a perfect opportunity to wear a onesie...


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