Monday, January 23, 2012

photographer's eye

For Christmas, Mr. S gave me an 8-week photography course at a local arts center that begins this Thursday evening. Before Thursday's class, we are to submit three photographs that we have taken ourselves and three that we admire.

Here are a few images that I'm contemplating of submitting as pictures I admire for various reasons. Do you have any favorite photographs or photographers I should explore?

Catherine Whitford - "Smiling Girl"
I want to learn to take perfect motion photographs and this amazing image was a part of National Geographic's Photo of the Day.

Russel Schnitzer -"Nuns Cartagena, Coloumbia"
Color is everything in this image.

Walker Evans - "Charles Burroughs and Floyd Burroughs, Hale County, Alabama"
I spent time in Hale County during college working on a writing project featuring of those living in the Black Belt region of Alabama - this famous image brings me back to that time. Despite the disparity of life, this boy's eyes are so lively and inviting.

Brantley Gutierrez - "NYC"
Brantley is a high school classmate of Mr. S, and a world known fashion and music photographer - this simple image of frolicking in a fountain in NYC is a much more real image than most I've seen of his. No Paul McCartney or U2 band members in this image.

Karim Sahai - "Massai man holding a camera"
There are no better subjects for a photograph than the natives of any land - Africa is my heart's home & I love this image of two worlds colliding.

Annie Leibovitz - Gwyneth Paltrow & Blythe Danner 
Mother - Daughter photos always tug at my heartstrings, and I admire Annie's gusto in her work.

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  1. I've always dreamed of taking a photography class. I can't wait to see what you learn!

    The Klury Report & Kini Style


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