Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wise words

I stumbled upon this image below while snooping around on Pinterest, and it reminded me of my resolutions for 2012 that I posted about in January. In honor of continuing along the path of thinking and acting positively in 2012, here are some wise words to kick off Wednesday with a good vibe.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

happy no. 100!

I can hardly believe it. When I started this little blog last fall,  I thought, "okay, this is for me.  I'll post when I feel like it, and when I can." Never had I imagined I'd reach 100 posts, have 10,000+ unique visitors, be a guest blogger on 20Something Bloggers, meet a group of new blogger friends, have readers from around the world including Russia, Hong Kong, Israel, Germany & the Netherlands, and unleashing the writer in me that I had locked away a few years ago. I'm thrilled beyond belief to reach 100 posts today, and to count you among my humble blog's readers.

In honor of today's mind-blowing milestone, Bates Mercantile Co has generously offered this beautiful print below to my readers in! Please leave a comment below, and I will announce the winner of the print in Thursday's post!

Pam has amazingly beautiful prints, notecards and more in her Etsy shop, Facebook Page + a really adorable blog , Mercantile Muse, with her husband, Garrett. Check it out! I'm so happy to have Pam as a partner (she'll be advertising on the blog soon too!), and that she has graciously shared her lovely work with all of you.

Thank you ALL for your support and encouragement! Happy no. 100!

Friday, February 24, 2012

la madeline

This morning I have a meeting for work bright and early at La Madeline. Rather than sitting here in my business suit waiting for the person I am meeting to arrive, I'd rather be sporting an outfit that's fresh and colorful like the little number below; especially while reading Parisian Chic, sipping my coffee from the french press & indulging in a yummy pastry...sigh...this wanna-be Parisian can dream.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

book love

I love books. I don't discriminate - old, new, picture books, kids books, novels, autobiographies, cook books, religious, legal, fashion, design, art...I have a passion for them all. I love the way books smell, the way they feel, and most importantly reading them. Two years ago, I was given a Kindle, and love it for the ease of use and rapid delivery of the latest titles & purchases, but nothing gets my blood pumping like a library or a used book store. I find peace, friends and solace with books. In honor of today's first meeting of the blogger book club - here's my ode to books.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

breckenridge 2012

Wanted to share with you guys some of the unedited pictures I took in Colorado last week...makes me wish we had gotten some of the snow that hit here in the East over the weekend, alas I have pictures of snow to enjoy. I took just over 500 pictures, so lots to edit this week in preparation for Thursday's photography class. Happy Fat Tuesday to you all!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

ombre hair color - yes or no?

I have a hankering for a hair change. I've had dark brown hair 90% of my life, and haven't ever colored it...wait...unless you count a terrible encounter with Sun-in back in the 7th grade. Hello orange streaks!

I'm really digging ombre hair colors, however nothing too dramatic, as I tend to be uber-conservative with changing my looks. I know that a lot of people say this look is over, but in the midst of winter I am lusting after a reminder of summer, and a boot to my hair. I want the color to be a subtle, yet with a hint of, "I just stepped off the plane from some exotic local and poof I have sun kissed locks-look." But here are a few looks I'm leaning towards to update my brown hair- Thoughts?

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for a stylist/colorist in the DC area, I'm on the look-out for someone reliable and reasonable (if that's even possible).

Friday, February 17, 2012

high flying essentials

We're headed back east today after an amazing week in Colorado. Now, I'm all for dressing up for flights, but today's flight is early, long & I'm sitting in the middle seat, so I'm taking the uber comfort route. But, despite taking the comfort route this morning, I'm always armed with a few essentials for travel

1. Scarf - not to state the obvious, but sometimes on flights they can tend to keep the air rather chilly, so here's an easy way to keep your self cozy without using those yucky airplane blankets.
2. Herve Chapelier Weekend Bag - I've had my nylon tote since college, it's been to the beach, to the mountains and on every weekend trip in between. It's super sturdy, but holds more than I can imagine any other travel tote holding + they come in beautiful color combinations.
3. Cetaphil Moisturizer - I've touted my love for these products before, but I also keep it handy when I fly because the dry air always leaves my skin feeling sucked of all moisture by the time we land.
4. Ray Ban Aviators - because it's always fun to pretend you're so famous you have to wear sunglasses on a flight - haha, I kid. But really, I keep them handy because you never know what the sun situation will be once you land at your destination or even sometimes when the guy across the aisle has his shade open and the sun is right in your eyes.
5. Toms - I never leave home without them. Comfortable doesn't even begin to describe them, they're pure heaven.
6. Kind Bars - since discovering these delish bars last year, I keep one in every bag, and a few in my desk at work. Since airlines rarely offer snacks nowadays, these bars keep me full and guilt-free because they're full of nuts, berries and are all held together by pure honey.
7. iPhone - because I don't go anywhere without it.
8. Kindle - I always carry mine with me everywhere so that I'm never left sitting idly. It's so handy, and makes carrying your books with you a million times lighter and easier.
9. Burts Bees Wax Lip Balm - keeps your lips super moisturized with only natural ingredients. I avoid other lip balms that have chemicals in them that aren't good for your lips like, Carmex.
10. Watch - I've had too many close calls for flights because I didn't readily keep track of the time - I now never travel without a watch on. My mom gave me a beautiful leather wrap watch last year and I wear it all the time now. I love how classic it is, but adds the stacked look to your wrist without lots of bracelets jingling around disturbing your neighbor.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

thank you mr. da vinci

We are soaking up the last full day of winter vacay. I stumbled upon these wise words, and wanted to share with you all. I couldn't agree with them more Mr. Da Vinci.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10 reasons i feel blessed

I am beyond thrilled to share with you that has officially reached over 10,000 unique visitors from around the world today, with visitors from the US to Russia, Brazil, Australia, Italy and beyond. I'm so thankful for each of you, and wanted to share why I feel so blessed to have this little website as my personal space, and you as readers...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love and hugs to you on valentines day

Happy Valentines Day from Colorado! I hope that today is full of love, laughter and joy for all of you!! Today's a day not only to declare your love for your sweetheart, but to share your love for everyone in who means something in your life!

Monday, February 13, 2012

reflection: blogger book club

For my blogger book club, which will meet for the first time later this month, we’ve been reading, MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend, and as much as I hate to admit it, I am relating more and more to Rachel, the author, as I read on.

If you’ve not heard about the book here’s the basic premise so you’ll understand why I’m relating: Girl meets boy in college, they date long distance between NYC and Philly for several years. (Mr.S & I did 1.5 years b/w DC & Richmond) Girl has wonderful & deep friendships in NYC (aka Richmond) complete with BFF’s, girl marries boy, and they move to Chicago, where girl has few acquaintances and no BFF’s. After 3 years in Chicago and no BFF in sight, girl decides to go on one friend date per week for a whole year to meet new BFF’s. Thus is the book, documenting her quest, struggles, triumphs and all that comes with a self-induced and self-fulfilling journey. 

Written by Rachel Bertsche as an outlet for her quest and self-discovery for female friendships, I find myself approaching 2 years in Washington this month, and feeling much the same. I still venture back to Richmond for “Lady Pot-lucks”, when I can, annual parties, girls-only weekends, birthdays and the like. These frequent trips fulfilled me for a long time, and I never bothered to worry about making any friends in DC, but since being gone from the city, for what seems like an eternity, friendships have changed among the once strong group of friends, phone calls have become less frequent  & texts go unanswered, and life moves on. This isn’t to say those friendships are any less meaningful when we do get to catch-up, they are simply less involved on a day-to-day basis. I find myself longing for those days when yoga class with the girls was like clockwork; daily quick chats on the way home from work about the latest drama, and grabbing dinner to dish on the latest happenings, and dissecting our lives for hours was the norm.

I’ve found a few girl friends since moving to Washington, mostly through Mr. S and his friends, but like myself, most of the ladies here are married or engaged, or seriously dating someone, or in the full throws of their demanding jobs or graduate school courses. Careers are more the focus for everyone here, and there’s no second thought given to staying at the office past 7 PM a few nights per week to “catch-up”, or to avoid the pains of the latest Metro debacle. Not going out on Friday night so that they can venture back to the office on Saturday morning is not out of the realm of normal here either - yuck. Not to mention, between all that working & commuting nightmares, people are squeezing in quality time with their significant other, going to the gym, walking the dog, running errands, sitting in traffic, blogging and keeping the house semi-organized – it’s exhausting.

Life changes...

I’m trying to find a groove between it all – maintaining my long-distance friendships in earnest, cultivating new friends here in DC, and keeping my relationship with my wonderful husband as amazing as the day we married. It’s sad to realize that life is moving on and things won’t return to how they were when we were 22, similar to Rachel does in her book, but I hold those memories and relationships so very dear.

I started this blog as a way to share my writing and release my stress from long days in corporate America, but I’ve come to realize that it’s more than that. It has become a way for me to reach out and cultivate friendships; those I’ve made here in DC, my friends from Richmond and home, connect with people I’ve lost touch with, and connect with new people, like my blogger book club.

I’m only half-way through the book, and at this point in the read, Rachel is 6 months into her quest after 26 friend dates, and I’m feeling like I'm walking in her shoes – scheduling time to make new meaningful friendships is as tough as holding on to the old ones. But all of the above is worth every, minute of phone messages, quick texts, coordinating crazy schedules way in advance, spare of the moment get togethers, mass-emails, Tweets & Facebook posts – even if just to say “Hi” and “I’m thinking of you”. It all counts for friendships new and old.

Source: via amanda on Pinterest

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