Friday, February 17, 2012

high flying essentials

We're headed back east today after an amazing week in Colorado. Now, I'm all for dressing up for flights, but today's flight is early, long & I'm sitting in the middle seat, so I'm taking the uber comfort route. But, despite taking the comfort route this morning, I'm always armed with a few essentials for travel

1. Scarf - not to state the obvious, but sometimes on flights they can tend to keep the air rather chilly, so here's an easy way to keep your self cozy without using those yucky airplane blankets.
2. Herve Chapelier Weekend Bag - I've had my nylon tote since college, it's been to the beach, to the mountains and on every weekend trip in between. It's super sturdy, but holds more than I can imagine any other travel tote holding + they come in beautiful color combinations.
3. Cetaphil Moisturizer - I've touted my love for these products before, but I also keep it handy when I fly because the dry air always leaves my skin feeling sucked of all moisture by the time we land.
4. Ray Ban Aviators - because it's always fun to pretend you're so famous you have to wear sunglasses on a flight - haha, I kid. But really, I keep them handy because you never know what the sun situation will be once you land at your destination or even sometimes when the guy across the aisle has his shade open and the sun is right in your eyes.
5. Toms - I never leave home without them. Comfortable doesn't even begin to describe them, they're pure heaven.
6. Kind Bars - since discovering these delish bars last year, I keep one in every bag, and a few in my desk at work. Since airlines rarely offer snacks nowadays, these bars keep me full and guilt-free because they're full of nuts, berries and are all held together by pure honey.
7. iPhone - because I don't go anywhere without it.
8. Kindle - I always carry mine with me everywhere so that I'm never left sitting idly. It's so handy, and makes carrying your books with you a million times lighter and easier.
9. Burts Bees Wax Lip Balm - keeps your lips super moisturized with only natural ingredients. I avoid other lip balms that have chemicals in them that aren't good for your lips like, Carmex.
10. Watch - I've had too many close calls for flights because I didn't readily keep track of the time - I now never travel without a watch on. My mom gave me a beautiful leather wrap watch last year and I wear it all the time now. I love how classic it is, but adds the stacked look to your wrist without lots of bracelets jingling around disturbing your neighbor.

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  1. Nearly identical flight uniform and stash! Seriously, down the the Kind bar and the Herve bag!


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