Monday, February 20, 2012

ombre hair color - yes or no?

I have a hankering for a hair change. I've had dark brown hair 90% of my life, and haven't ever colored it...wait...unless you count a terrible encounter with Sun-in back in the 7th grade. Hello orange streaks!

I'm really digging ombre hair colors, however nothing too dramatic, as I tend to be uber-conservative with changing my looks. I know that a lot of people say this look is over, but in the midst of winter I am lusting after a reminder of summer, and a boot to my hair. I want the color to be a subtle, yet with a hint of, "I just stepped off the plane from some exotic local and poof I have sun kissed locks-look." But here are a few looks I'm leaning towards to update my brown hair- Thoughts?

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for a stylist/colorist in the DC area, I'm on the look-out for someone reliable and reasonable (if that's even possible).


  1. I always think about doing something like this as well. Except I always come back to my senses-- I highlighted my hair when I was in high school but found it was a slippery slope-- next thing I knew my dark brown hair was died completely BLOND! ha. Not cute in hindsight. Don't slip down the slope and I say a hint of sun in your locks would be quite nice!

  2. This is exactly what I would love to try as well! I also have had dark hair all my life, but I had some highlights done that looked very subtle and natural. I think I will be trying this for summer!


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