Friday, February 10, 2012

packin' up

We're off to Breckenridge, Colorado tomorrow morning for a week! I can't contain my excitement at the thought of a winter gettaway. In the meantime, today is full of laundry piles, check-lists, organizing, work, packing, work, sending Jack with my mom to my parents' house for the week (sniff...), more packing, work, double checking, and phew... hopefully, resting before our early morning flight tomorrow. This is what our current "to pack" pile looks like.


I'm dreaming that this will be an easy feat, and done in no time. Realistically, we've got to get this list of things packed into 4 bags weighing less than 50 lbs each - for a whole week's worth of excitement:

2 snowboards
2 sets of snowboarding boots
2 snowboarding helmets
4 pair of snow pants
4 pair of gloves/mittens
2 ski jackets
2 neck warmers
countless pairs of wool socks
1 set of ear muffs (for me!)
4 ski hats
4 sets of base layers
hand warmers (too many to count - Thanks Dad!)
2 laptops + chargers
Nikon + lenses + charger
...and outfits for when we're off the slopes - whoo wee...This is quite a heap of stuff!

For now, I am day dreaming of getting to Colorado and being swept away by the snow and beauty of Breckenridge. Let's not forget to add to the list, I'm excited to be spending some time with Mr. S & the family, catching up on my reading, blogging and sleeping...oh yeah & snowboarding!

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