Thursday, February 9, 2012

space to think

In our size 9 shoe box (aka our condo) there's not space for a desk since we only have basically one main room, a bedroom & bath - so very sad. For now, our dining room table is our desk, plus the place we eat, the mail sorter, and the catch-all for everything. I envy people who talk about their offices, or what's on their desk. I dream of the day that we might have more than one room, where I can spread out my magazines, my inspiration board, books, and even a home for my laptop, etc. But in the meantime, I lust after other people's space. Here are my five favorite desks from my Pinterest board dedicated to office spaces.


  1. hmmm.. this has made my wheels start turning.. stay tuned for some possible solutions!

  2. Ooo Annie thank you! I'd love to hear what your ideas/solutions for my office dreams may be! You're awesome!

  3. Adore that desk with the turquoise ottoman! I have a desk squeezed in the corner of my bedroom but I too am longing for the days when I'll have much more room!


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