Friday, March 2, 2012

old try

I came across Old Try on Apartment Therapy yesterday...and I can't get their pieces out of my head. They're a husband & wife team who are Boston transplants from Alabama and North Carolina. After missing their southern roots, they started their company creating letter press poster prints on 100% cotton using moveable type.

Old Try has unique state prints that are their ode to their homes below the Mason Dixon Line + some quintessential southern themes and sayings. I am giddy over the fact that their online shopping cart is referred to as a "Buggy" - Mr. S makes fun of me calling shopping carts at the grocery store a "Buggy" - it's the South in me, along with "fixin'" and "reckon". Their posters are colorful, thoughtful and unique. These would certainly would be a perfect conversation piece for our condo. I am so sad they are out of the Alabama themed prints, but nevertheless, I plan to keep checking back and order as soon as they're available. I do, however, suggest you check out their amazing work right now!!

"we come from 'ole virginia"

I love, love, love this Alabama state flag print - so sad it's sold out right now.

The line - Mason Dixon that is

LLV- this one's for you

I need this Alabama print too..."rammer jammer...give 'em hell alabama"

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  1. Oh my goodness- I adore all of these! Especially the Yellow Hammer print! :)


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