Tuesday, March 27, 2012

top 5 tuesday - featuring j.crew

Okay, I missed the boat on Top 5 Tuesday last week, but have no fear, we're back in action today with all items on the list from J. Crew! I know, I know -  J. Crew seems to be all over the place these days, from blogs to fashion magazines and even on the First Lady; however they have some amazing items this season, and I can't help but share with you my favorites!

1. Panama Hat - The Legendary Panama hat is a must! Forget those fedoras - this classic gem is where it's at this summer! Plus, they even fold up and pop back into shape - perfect to pack when you're jet setting off to the Amalfi Coast!
2. Leather iPhone Case - I surprised Mr. S with this genuine leather iPhone case a few weeks back, and he's had more compliments on it when we've been out. It's polished and not showy, yet it's perfect for that manly-man with a classic sense of style. Hands down it's been the best case he's had so far!

3. Asymmetrical ruched one-piece bathing suit - I love one-pieces. Despite the idea that they're solely for the mom-types, I quite like this chic suit for this summer + the kelly green is delightful.

4.  Baby Brompton Bag - Seeing that I'm crutches for the next month or so, my purse selection in my closet has dwindled to few select bags that I can carry in a cross-body fashion. I need something that's got a pop of color when I'm crutching around, and this bag is it!

5. Maxi Dress - I'm a sucker for a comfy maxi dress. Especially if I'm at the beach and must be forced to leave my beach chair, and go out. Maxi dresses make me effortlessly put together, and so relaxed! I love the wide stripes on this dress + the black and white leaves it screaming for some awesome accessories like a neon belt, or a big coral colored necklace, or maybe just a panama hat and flip-flops. Any way it's worn would work for me!

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  1. Love your selections! Wish I kept my dad's Panama hat, would be so chic this spring. And I may have to get that leather iPhone cover for my husband!


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