Friday, April 6, 2012

easter treats

I gave up sweets for Lent, and sure I've fallen off the wagon here or there, but I've tried to be really diligent about sticking to my no sweet policy for the last 40 days. In honor of Easter Sunday and my love of sweet treats - here is some yummy eye candy to kick off your holiday weekend! I hope you get lots of yummy goodies in your Easter basket, and have a wonderful time with family and friends!


And who can't resist a cute dog or two in costume!!


  1. I made it through my No Sweets & Treats Lent too! Go us! It might be my greatest accomplishment to date because I really did not think I could do it. And I still have no clue what my first treat will be; I have some concerns about my Treats Re-Entry Syndrome.

    1. I know I'm a bit skeptical that I can control myself and my sweet tooth once I can officially skip down the sweets aisle or go into a bakery!! Here's to hoping to continue the little self-control I have around delicious treats! Good luck Rebecca!!!!


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