Wednesday, April 18, 2012

engagement party inspiration

We're hosting an engagement party for some of our dearest friends in May, and I'm on the hunt to find some great decorations to match the peacock blue, orange and pink hues of their wedding colors and the invitation to the party - below is a sample of what the invitation to the party looks like.

These are just a few things that I have found on Pinterest that are inspiring me for May's big night of fun. Do you have any recommendations of things I should consider or beautiful decor?

Source: via Ayo on P


  1. i love the streamer canopy. get some inexepensive dollar store chinese landers and add some streamers to the bottom of them. white twinkle lights. black and white photos of the couple hanging from the streamers. champagne punch and a beer tasting area with beer fights of micro brews to cover the guys and the gals. easy finger food. chicken fingers with dip, stuffed mushrooms, dumplings, steak kebab and mini cupcakes dessert. good to go!

    1. Pam - I love where you're head is...Thank you! Do you want to help me throw the party?!?!


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