Wednesday, April 4, 2012

wise words for wednesday in honor of my mom

My amazing Mom has been in town the last three days helping me around the house, cleaning, taking  Jack for walks and even making meals and freezing them for us. She's gone so far as to push me around in a wheel chair at the crowded grocery store last night to get me out of the house. I'm so lucky to have my family live close by, and am so very thankful for Mom's generous help since I broke my foot. 

Today's Wise Words for Wednesday are in honor of my very wise, and very wonderful Mom. I can't remember a day growing-up that Hannah and I didn't say to her, "yeah, we know Mom," and she'd repeat these words to us time and time again. They ring so very true, and mean so much each day. What do you 'know' you should do, but aren't 'doing'?

simplesurber wise words for wednesday

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