Tuesday, May 22, 2012

top 5 tuesday - featuring etsy art

I love Etsy. I've bought a number of christmas gifts from the site, and I got a few things from the site for our wedding. I have been on the prowl for things for the new house as you may have noticed, but I really want to feature some original art. Here are the Top 5 items I've got my eye on from Etsy that would be ideal for some of the bare walls in the new house.

1. Bates Mercantile  Louis X Chair: This darling image from our lovely partner, Pam, would be the perfect addition to my new closet! Plus I love the, "Louis Louis." quote - how subtlety tongue & cheek!

 2. Elizabeth Maryville - Top Knot: I adore a beautiful top knot, and having been a ballerina for some 16 years I can appreciate the art of a beautiful bun (no pun intended).

 3. 7th House - Richmond Destinations: Mr. S and I met, fell in love, got engaged and adore Richmond, Va. I refuse to have a home without a nod to our favorite city.

4. Mandipidy - Happy Marriage: I've mentioned my love of Julia Child before on the blog, and as I read her book I couldn't help but adore she and Paul's infectious devotion to one another. I want to be sure to add a nod to her in our home because we too, "just had a good time."

5. PeaPress1- Large Vase: The vibrant blue instantly attracted me to this print - how beautiful! It's simple but the color is so rich it's be a perfect eye-catcher for a subtle spot in the house.

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