Monday, July 9, 2012

decorating the new house...slowly

Here are a few new pics of the house. A few things have gone up on the walls, furniture has been moved, new pieces have been bought, and it's coming along quite nicely...slowly but surely, we're getting there!

(Please pardon the iPhone snap-shots and poor lighting. I promise to post better pics down the line!)

US patent drawings in the laundry room - LL Bean, Filson, Carhart. 
More to come on this project

 new kitchen art

Mr. S's office - this design took HOURS of research by Mr. S (swear!)

all the work around the house makes Jack tired

$15 score at the Salvation Army - revamp to come

Mr. S's prized new instant coffee machine

office cork board

new office plants with some art

rug in the sitting room off the kitchen

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