Monday, July 30, 2012

hmb's beach bag essentials

Hi everyone! I'm Heather from Pineapples and Pearls. I was so excited when Lacy asked me to guest post on her blog! 

It seems that this year more and more people are taking their beach vacations later in the summer (maybe that's what happens when we get older?!) so I thought it was fitting to do a post on my top ten Beach Bag Essentials as people plan their August and Labor Day weekend beach trips. 
Beach Bag Essentials

1. J.Crew Swimsuit - I love J.Crew's bathing suits. They come in every style you can think of and a million colors and they last. I bought a navy one piece this past year and I love it. I wouldn't have thought that strapless would work for me but it's so nice not to think about tan lines. It's a classic swimsuit that I know I'll wear for years.

2. L.L.Bean Boat and Tote Bag - It's been around forever and it's indestructible. I've been using the same one since third year of college. It has functioned as a book bag, overnight bag, and beach bag and it's still going strong. Don't forget to monogram it!

 3. Rainbows - I know they're leather and they're not meant for the beach but really that water and sand stained patina just makes them look well loved! 

 4. Aveeno Mineral Sunblock SPF 30 and Burt's Bee's - Because you don't want to get burned. Plus, this Aveeno sunblock is perfect for sensitive skin. 

 5. Tervis Tumbler with Top - The best way to carry a drink out on to the beach. It keeps drinks cold and the top stops sand from getting in! 

 6. Beach Chair - Nothing beats sitting with your feet in the surf reading a magazine. This one's great because it's got a place for your drink and keeps you up out of the water. 

 7. Beach Towel - I desperately need a new beach towel and this one is perfect! Navy and white is classic yet fresh. 

 8. Baseball Hat - I'm never caught without a hat on the beach. You don't want to cause any unnecessary premature wrinkles! 

 9. Big Sunglasses - Don't spend the day squinting, just put on some big sunglasses. You'll look mysterious and save your eyes. 

 10. Book - Nothing beats an Emily Giffin novel on the beach. Thanks Lacy for letting me guest post on your blog! Hope y'all enjoy my Beach Bag essentials!

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