Tuesday, July 31, 2012

sweet home

I posted back in March how much I admire Old Try, and their terrific prints. So once, we moved into our new home, I settled on one for our house after much debate, and found it a perfect place to live yesterday.

First thing's first - the packaging - while it was delivered in a simple poster tube, it was outfitted with a great Southern thanks sticker, which is a first clue that these guys have been taught their manners.

The packing slip, which was signed by Micah (nice touch guys!), had wonderful type and even had a great stamp that made my heart dance.

My print came delivered perfectly on heavy stock with the colors so vibrant I could hardly stand it, and better yet, it was embossed with their logo and numbered 75 of 100 in the series. I chose the print of the Alabama State flag with "Sweet Home" in the crosses as a nod to our new home, and where I hang my school allegiance proudly.

As soon as I could, I dashed off to our local frame shop to have my print custom framed behind crisp museum glass. I picked it up yesterday after two anxious weeks, and found this little beauty a home at the top of our stairs so we can see it every time we come up, and being reminded of the song "Sweet Home Alabama" doesn't hurt either. (Roll Tide Roll!!!) I must say it makes my heart smile each time I see this new addition to our house. Thanks Old Try for keeping the South proud and for capturing our individual heritage so perfectly!! Sweet Home Alabama, indeed.

(Many thanks to my adorable models who helped make this shot possible. Jack's furry friend is Tessa, my parent's shih-poo, who's visiting while they are in Europe for a few weeks.)


  1. Great idea! Thanks to hearing about this company, I purchased Texas for my dear friend that is about to get married. At our age, who needs more pots & pans?! She misses Texas so I'm hoping this will help her house feel more like home! Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I'm really glad you liked the post and nabbed one to share with your friend! LOVE the wedding gift idea - Bravo!!!


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