Friday, August 17, 2012

crafty canvas

Hannah (my sister) was in town last weekend for a visit and since she's a pretty crafty gal, I thought I'd put her to work - haha. A few weeks ago I was in Cleveland for work visiting Flourish, Inc. and they had a solid orange canvas hanging in their conference room - it was to die for and I couldn't get it out of my head. However, a few weeks ago I decided on kelly green accents for our stark white guest room, so off Hannah and I went to Hobby Lobby (my new favorite hang-out, yes, I'm serious).

And we found the best deal of the weekend - 1/2 off on a 36 x 48 canvas because the plastic was ripped - don't mind if I do...

We laid out our supplies (acrylic paint and sponge brushes) on some moving boxes in the yard...

and we got ourselves to painting...

and of course, Jack was a great supervisor...


...and I got it hung,

and pretty centered all on my own - ( insert applause here) - now I'm on the hunt for accent pillows with a great pattern and a rug. Any suggestions?

...and then whoops! 


  1. You should totally hang something (stuff) in front of it, maybe make it where you can switch it out for the seasons?! Birdcages, pompoms, snowflakes...idk. But I do like.

    1. Wonderful idea!! I'll have to figure something out!


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