Monday, August 20, 2012

monogramming etiquette - part 1

Monograms are a great personal addition to any home. They make wedding and house warming gifts personal, and add that sense of extra consideration when you're giving a gift. However, I've noticed over the last few years that monograms have been put on everything from cars, to make-up bags, grocery totes and pens.

I'm all about throwing my monogram on things for our home like on towels or sheets, or perhaps a tote or two, but there's a fine line between what can be monogrammed and what should be monogrammed. Just because it's inanimate, doesn't mean your initials go on it. I'll admit at one point in time, I had a pair of jeans with my monogram on the back pocket- not one of my finer moments people - please forgive me.

Today's post is one of a three-part series about monogramming etiquette - here's what I believe you should steer clear of putting your initials on for the sake of keeping it classy -

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