Monday, October 8, 2012

fall updates

I found myself this weekend feeling enthusiastic about making some fall updates to our yard, and adding some Halloween decorations to make the house feel a bit more festive. It didn't hurt that Hobby Lobby was having a 40% off Halloween decorations sale, and that a local nursery had exactly the topiaries I had been on the hunt for to make our front door more appealing. Here are a few pictures I snapped -

A few colorful mums and mulch to make our front bed look more polished.

The corner by the garage was full of overgrown weeds, so I ripped them out and added two baby Alberta Dwarf Spruce trees.

I took this picture of the front after adding some Halloween decorations & realized it was missing something...

So I went on a hunt for boxwood topiaries...(pardon my purse on the porch)

And I added a new door mat too!

On to are a few of my Hobby Lobby finds

I'd love to see your fall spruce-up's or Halloween decorations!

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