Tuesday, October 16, 2012

pretty things

Last night all I could focus on was surfing the net looking at pretty things as I sat waiting  for the emergency plumber to get to our house.  The short story - we're going to have to rip out our front yard due to a more major problem with our plumbing than we first anticipated when we had the flood on Sunday. I hope these pretty things bring you some cheer today!!

pretty things

Oasis embellished top, $56 / Ted Baker long coat / J.Crew long skirt / Wallis black booti


  1. Hi L, can I just say, GET A SECOND OPINION. Your emergency plumber could be right, but before you rip up the lawn....have someone else give you their opinion. When we first moved into our house, our plumbing started backing up onto the lawn.First guy said we needed a new septic tank and system. We opted to see if we could try some repairs ourself- husband and friend got a line snake from rental store and used that on the outlet pipe from the system and it relieved the problem completely. basically, because the system had sat here for months with nobody using it, and the pipe got caked with dry stuff that prevented anything else from passing. It was well worth the extra day without water/plumbing. It would have been close to a $10,000 job, but instead we spent about $50 on the rental. Been working fine ever since (16 years later).

    On another note....LOVE that sweater with the sparkly shoulders. LOVE LOVE!

    hope your plumbing problems aren't as big as they think and that they're resolved soon!

    1. Pam - You're awesome!! This is actually the 3rd opinion we had after the first two said the job was more serious and larger than they could do...sad. What a craziness! Thank you for sharing your story...it's a shame we have to be so cautious with service folks sometimes!!!


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