Monday, October 29, 2012

spanx tight-end tights

My dearest, Ms. Parker, turned me on to SPANX Tight-End Reversible tights a few winters back, and I've not bought another pair since. If you're in the market for opaque, lasting, comfortable, and shaping tights - look no further!

Not only are these tights perfect and just thick enough to keep you warm on the cold winter mornings trudging to the office without sweating to death, I promise there's no tugging on them like a two year old at church. The elastic in mine has held well for the last two winters, and at $36 per pair, I'd call that getting my money's worth, baby! Another plus, there are two color combination options - black/brown or black/charcoal- get them both! Quit wasting your money on the $5 Target finds that rip every time you are on on your way to meet with a client - you can thank me later!

Here are two ways to take just one pair of tights from day to nightAND brown to black!

spax tight-end reversible tights

Mango dress / Vivienne Westwood silk top / Hervé Léger / Michael Kors jewelry / Alice + Olivia jeweled belt

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