Thursday, October 25, 2012

two dogs

Mr. S and I are in a debate of the heart, whether or not to get another dog to join our family. We feel horrible leaving Jack in the house all day, even though I come home for lunch, I know he's terribly lonely and can only imagine how bored he gets. The girl who we got Jack from let us know her dogs had another litter on October 11th, and there's another boy available for a good home.

I realize it's more work to add another pup to the family, but my biggest concern is for Jack. How will he handle another dog joining us for good? He loves to play when other dogs come for a visit, but when this dog doesn't leave I'm worried how he'll react. I don't want to upset the great dynamic we have with him going, but also don't want him to continue to be alone every day.

Help! Do you have two dogs? How do they interact? Was it a difficult transition to bring another into your home once you had one dog? Any advice and help is MUCH appreciated!!!


  1. Do it! Our pups are more happy when the other is around. Despite their differences in ages, they are eager just to be near each other. It's companionship :)

  2. We're having the same debate, but since dogs are pack animals, everyone says they're happier with a playmate. Usually its our sense of what we THINK our dog wants that inhibits me, I'm doing the same thing. We still haven't decided yet.


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