Monday, November 26, 2012

family of four

I'm pleased to announce that we will become a family of four in just two weeks! If you recall in my post a few weeks ago, that we were in a debate whether or not to grow our family to include another canine. I'm really happy to say that after a lot of thinking, talking and advice gathering, we've decided to take the leap. Thank you for all of your encouraging comments, emails, texts and phone calls!

Jack's brother, actual biological brother(!) was born on 10/11/12, and we'll be picking him up just in time for Christmas! Oh, and incase you were wondering, he's a yorkie-poo...aww..that face!

Now that we've made the tough decision, we need some help with names -here's our list thus far:

Surber #4


  1. How precious! Congratulations! I like the name Champ. Only a Champ could be born on 10/11/12.


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