Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 pieces of advice for brides

One of my best friends on this earth, Ms. Cashman asked me to be her bridesmaid, and I couldn't feel more honored and blessed to be by her side as she marries her best friend and a wonderful guy. As I've talked with her and other friends about planning their weddings, there are 10 pieces of advice come to my mind that I wish someone had told me when we were wedding planning...and here they are for you.

10 pieces of advice brides

1.  Don't try to be too accommodating - I was so worried about everyone else's feelings to say "no" to some things that were not important and timeframes that were unrealistic. Be honest, be reasonable and don't try to please everyone at every turn. Set the tone early-on while you're planning that you are directing the show in a gentle and firm manner, and that this is your and your fiance's day.

2. Video record your ceremony - We had been to a number of weddings just before we got married, and the few that had videographers were memorable because the videographer was in the way and ruined the ambiance of the wedding. That said, our family priest was off the cuff and in the midst of our ceremony Mr. S surprised me with a very memorable gift, and I'd give anything to have that part of our wedding day on tape today.

3. Invest in your photography - This is where I refused to compromise, and I am happy everyday that did, because every single image is unbelievably beautiful. These photos capture the best day of your life, don't skimp in the slightest - get the best and longest package available from the best photographer in your area.

4. Bring out the good booze first - After a few hours people often find themselves having so much fun they don't even realize what they're sipping on. Splurge on good adult beverages early on, and choose budget booze to bring out late night. Your wallet will thank you and your guests will have just as much fun.

5. DJ's are a big, fat no-no - DJ's more often than not are self-promoting at some point during the night, and quite frankly it's uncomfortable for everyone there. Nothing can supplement a good band keeping the energy of the party and crowd going late into the night. Pick a band that fits the tone you want to set with your wedding whether it's mo-town or 80's - the music can make or break any party.

6. Take someone to the bathroom with you - I ended up going to bathroom alone twice during the night, and it sounds funny but holding a huge dress (mine had a train) and balancing in heels is unnecessary gymnastics on your wedding day. Bring a friend to the bathroom with you, your quads will thank you.

7. Don't leave the party -  It's always a bummer to see the bride and groom leave the reception. It's like the energy has been sucked from the room. Your friends and family have come to share in this special and exciting time with you - stick around as long as possible! We did an after-party at a bar nearby our reception location that everyone walked to and the party kept going until 3 AM - tons more memories were made that I love to hear about!

8. Don't leave the party - part II - Schedule your honeymoon flight to leave late the day after your wedding or even two days later. Again, your family and friends have come to share in this special time with you, stick around for a few hours the next day to say goodbyes, not to mention to get a little bit of rest before you hop a plane to relax together.

9. Turn off your cell phone and email - The day of your wedding and during your honeymoon are full of too many special details and moments to be taken away by your mobile device, social sites, work emails, etc. This is the one excuse that everyone will respect if you don't post a status once an hour or reply to someone's work request - be present in every single moment, they fly by.

10. Pack an emergency kit - Bra straps will fall, dresses magically won't fit, a seam will rip, someone's hair will fall as soon as it's been put up - avoid meltdowns or the "does anyone have a...?" questions. A few weeks before the big day, stock a box full of essentials and put them in a prominent place where everyone can get to them while getting ready:

  • double sided fashion tape
  • safety pins
  • bobby pins
  • tissues
  • Advil
  • hairspray
  • heel protectors for shoes
  • lip balm
  • tampons
  • eye drops
  • sewing kit
  • Q-tips
Are there any other pieces of advice that you found helpful when planning your wedding or that friends have shared with you as your planning your wedding? I'd love to hear them and pass them along to my friends getting married.

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