Monday, December 17, 2012

real-life friends

In this crazy world of blogging, it's all about cultivating community. But to be quite honest, my absolute favorite part of all of this is that I have real-life friends who are bloggers too! Blogging is a place for yourself and finding that place, and your voice in it. Here are some of my friends, who are bloggers too, who've created a perfect space for themselves and their readers!

Love Ya Bean It

I've known Bean since...oh...I think 7th grade. We went to camp together through high school, and she's quite honestly one of the most fantastic people I've had the pleasure to know. She married one of our camp buddies (SOO cute!), and now has an awesome lifestyle blog. Bean covers everything from redecorating their home in South Carolina to gift-giving ideas, and she even has a feature on 20 Something Women and life from their point of view! Her blog and honest point of view is not to be, learn how she got her awesome nickname!!

Pineapples and Pearls

Heather and I met through mutual friends right after college in my hometown, and when I moved to DC I asked her to join a monthly blogger book club with me, which was a really great experience. She brings her traditional and classic style to her blog through really beautiful DIY projects, outfit ideas, and recipes. Heather's even been featured in The Zesty Digest and here on my blog too!!! For every J. Crew die-hard, pastel loving, 20-something city dwelling lady out there - this blog's got it all!

Fiery and Opinionated

There are bosses, and then there's Heather. I worked for Heather in my last job, and it broke my heart to leave her, my team and my job. We had an awesome connection from the get go, and now she's a blogger too! Heather just kicked off her blog this past weekend, and knowing how hilarious and honest she is, I have no doubt that you will be instantly smitten with her blog. Be sure to check out her site as she jumps in head first this week!

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