Thursday, January 31, 2013

investing in fashion - splurge vs save

I lusted all fall after a pair of wedge booties by Tory Burch (aka expensive), but found a nearly identical pair at Target this past week on sale for $17! Boom...those puppies landed in my basket in a flash.

I'm all about investing in fashion and pieces that will last, but the reality is that something that is hot this minute + cost an arm & leg will probably not be hot tomorrow. I just can't justify paying my car payment for a "trendy" boot. Now, a great patent leather pump or a DVF wrap dress, see ya hard earned money.

I'd like to hear from you - What's your take? Do you invest in timeless pieces only or are you all about getting the best of the best no matter what?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

wise words for wednesday

I had a wonderful conversation with my dear friend Ms. Sweet yesterday, which always make me happy, and as we talked she brought-up how much had changed since we graduated college almost 6 years ago. Back then I could have never dreamed of where we've been, who we've met, who we are and who we are trying to become. Change is what life is all about, whether good or bad, it's all about growing and learning. Cheers to your Wednesday and the change it may hold for you!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

30 years

Today Mr. S is officially 30 years old! I'm so very lucky to have him by my side, and over the moon celebrate this wonderful milestone in his life with him. He never ceases to make me laugh, keep me grounded and most of all be the best thing that has happened in my life!

This past weekend we celebrated with a chartered bus to Charlestown Races and Slots with 20 of our friends. And last night, he got the only thing I've heard about for the last 6 months - a new Browning shotgun! Tonight we're doing homemade dinner, and a quite night out for drinks. Quite a whirlwind celebration here at our house!

Happy 30th Birthday Trey!!

there are a few folks missing from this picture - sorry guys!

Friday, January 25, 2013

unwind this weekend

After a whirlwind last few months, I'm ready to unwind this weekend with our friends and family to celebrate Mr. S' upcoming 30th birthday! I hope that you have a positively fantastic weekend!

Don't you think everyone's house should have a champagne dispenser?...Let me know if you find one!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

5 nuggets of airplane etiquette

I'm writing this in-flight out of irritation, so bare with me as I air my grievances - pun intended. Being polite should never be forgotten, much less as the cabin door closes. I think these seem pretty obvious, but in the last 30 minutes at 33,000 feet, I've seen them all. I might be particularly sensitive or jaded since I've been in Vegas for a day or two too long, but here we go...

5 nuggets of airplane etiquette

1. keep your voice down -

If the entire plane is quite, keep it down. The person next to you is just 6 inches away, they can hear you clearly, and the people in row 29 don't want to know about your budding web cam adult film career. (This just happened to me - I wish I was lying.)

2. headphones in, it's time to end the convo - 

This is a polite hint that the person next to you is ready to settle in for some quite time...don't tap them to keep talking after they've put their headphones in. Be respectful.

3. middle seaters go when the others do - 

If you are saddled being stuck in the middle seat and the people on either side of you get up to visit the wash closet - do the same. It saves you time, and the people around you from being disturbed when you're ready to get up.

4. keep your tunes down -

Just because you like to jam to the latest Kanye tune, doesn't mean your neighbors do. This goes for watching movies or tv on the plane too.

5.  cover your mouth - 

Seems like common sense, but I watched a lady two rows up spew snot and such in the air without even moving to cover her mouth or's flu season people...yeesh.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

wise words for wednesday

This week is huge for me at work. Despite moments where I feel like I've crashed and burned, I have been trying to remind myself that it's all about my attitude. Just remember, no one can dictate your attitude, but you! Ahh...okay, now go enjoy your Wednesday!

Monday, January 21, 2013

diy headboard - complete

Whelp folks, I finally accomplished a DIY project I set my mind to within 7 days of having the idea - quite a feat for me! Mr. S and I tackled this one head on and I'm happy to report the DIY headboard - COMPLETE!

Here's what we bought

  • 4 x 8 "3/4 MDF board - the guy at Home Depot suggested that if we wanted to make sure there weren't imperfections in the "wood" or that the headboard wouldn't warp over time, to use this. We had this cut to be the width we needed- 79' to be exact = $40.00
  • 2.89 yards of heavy linen fabric - I had a giftcard for a pricey fabric store in town, The Final Yard, and used this to purchase my fabric = $15.00
  • Nailhead trim kit = $19.00
  • Spray upholestry adhesive = $5.00
  • High-loft king size quilt batting = $15.00 (on sale)

Total spent: $94

Here's how we did it

So after all the browsing and tutorials I studied, we kind of winged it. I shared with Mr. S the tutorial on Centsational Girl's blog and he said, "we got this." He also decided since this was our first go around, that we should keep our design simple and not so "girly with all those scallops and stuff." So we compromised, plus I needed his muscles to help me carry this thing and hold the fabric tight, and for that I'll give up a bit of creative control.

We sprayed the MDF with adhesive and laid the first layer of batting, and wrapped it around the edges securing it with staples. Then we did the same thing with another layer of batting.  Then we flipped it over and trimmed the excess off the back.

Next, we flipped the board back over, sprayed a layer of upholstery adhesive and very carefully laid out the linen on top of the batting, and tightly wrapped it over the edges & stapled it to the back of board. Be careful with how you fold your corners - make sure they're a neat fold and your fabric stays tight. Two sets of hands for this is crucial.

Then it was time for the nail head trim - the crown jewel of this whole masterpiece. We used a laser level and a tape measure to make sure every nail head was the exact distance away from the edge ( 3.8 inches) & in straight line all the way around. This was the most difficult & time consuming part, and really took two of us to do with one measuring and the other hammering the nailhead into the board.

I would highly recommend the nailhead trim kit - every 5th nail was actually nailed into the headboard, while the others are decorative, but they all look attached to the board. I've seen some people mention using a rubber mallet to hammer them into the board, but we used a regular hammed and it worked just fine.

After going around 3 sides of the headboard with the nailhead - we didn't want the decorative trim at the bottom to risk snagging sheets of anything...VOLIA we were done!

I'd say the total time for the whole project from laying the first piece of batting, to the nailing the last nailhead was about 1 hr 45 minutes. The most tedious part was choosing the fabric (I was SUPER picky), and then making sure the nailhead was in a straight line and exactly the same distance from the edge of the board.

Unfortunately we ran out of time on Saturday afternoon to put it up in our room, but Mr. S and my dear Dad-in-law are working on that this week while I am traveling for work. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them in my Inbox.

Did you tackle any projects this weekend?

Friday, January 18, 2013

techno friday- jawbone up

Okay, so I'm a geek at heart. I like the news, tech blogs, CBS Sunday Morning and terribly corny jokes...but this is no joke. Today I thought we'd hit up a techno Friday post, and talk about the Jawbone UP.

Not only is Up water proof, it is a pedometer, it tracks your sleep pattens (it can wake you up too!), tracks your eating habits (it can sense if you're eating too fast!) and what you've eaten, reminds you to be more active if is senses you've been idle for too long...and it all rolls into one app on your iPhone (sorry droid users!) to help you control and monitor your activities. Plus the Up bands come in an array of colors - mint green?! Hello chic!?!

Can you tell I'm totally enamored by this product? It fascinates me how many components make the Up bracelet come together to act as a full service lifestyle monitoring system. I gotta get one, and toss my rinky-dink pedometer that has an old school ball mechanism.

But really, I want to know what you think! Do you have an Up? Is this just the next step in technology controlling our lives? Have you found it useful or would you pass? Tell me!

**all images sourced from

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

wise words for wednesday

I found today's inspiration on Pinterest. It was posted by Poplin & Queen, the interior design company created by the creative mavens Lindsey Cheek and Shannon Darrough. These gals are awesome at what they do. I love their work and ideas too! Lindsey's home was recently published in HGTV Magazine!! Check them out - you won't be sorry!

Anyhow, today's quote is what I try to live by. Accumulating cheap things might make you feel good to have all that "stuff", but if you invest in great pieces, they'll last longer and you'll be proud of the money you spend despite the initial pain of seeing your hard earned money leave your account. Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

diy upholstered headboard - inspiration

I'm not exactly always a DIY-er. I fancy myself as one, but I need to face reality that I am not a DIY maven. After researching a project that I want to tackle more often than not I don't execute - friends call, dinner plans get made, we're out of town again - I have 100 excuses. Not this weekend!

I have spent more time than I care to count looking for the "perfect" upholstered headboard for our new King size bed, but price keeps getting in the way. I'm done looking and trying to justify spending the $500, and I am going to make my own. Today's post is all about DIY upholstered headboard inspiration.

I've found a number of sites with tips, tricks and guidelines and here are a few of the sites I've found that have great tips, beautiful headboards and they're easy to execute.

Design-Aholic was the first tutorial I found, and Amy introduced me to the genius of a nail head trim kit that takes the guessing out of nailhead spacing! (aka my kind of trick!)

image source:

From Design-Aholic, I found Centsational Girl's tutorial. Kate gave very specific details and instructions, most important to me, how much quilt batting to use to "pad" the headboard- 3 layers. Since she has made a headboard or two before for her home, Kate shared new ideas and lessons learned. Much needed for this girl!

image source:

Then I thought...hmm...I really love the winged headboard look from Restoration Hardware (insert crazy price here) - I wonder how hard that could be to do myself?

Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs made one for herself, and she even went as far as to make it tufted! (ehh..might be a bit much for me -another excuse, I know, but it did make me think twice about going a bit more "fancy" in my design).

image source:

That said, I do want to do something a bit more than a rectangle headboard. I found an easy shape (Belgrave style) that's made by creating a curve with a compass and a jigsaw + the fabric I never knew I wanted (matelasse fabric-see image below) from Sara's blog Running from the Law.

image source:

The last piece of the puzzle is to determine whether I'll affix the headboard to wall like Kate or create legs for it like Rachel from Southern Exposure.

image source:

So after all the research, contemplating, lusting, etc., I've come to my list I'll need to create the Belgrave style shape DIY headboard this weekend. And you have my word - I will be accomplishing this project on Saturday!

  • 1/2" plywood that's 2 inches wider than my bed frame
  • Nailhead trim kit (absolute must)
  • Neutral Matelasse fabric (3 yds to fit our King Size bed)
  • Quilting batting
  • Spray adhesive
  • Staple gun
  • Compass
  • Jig Saw
  • Rubber Mallet - for securing the nailhead
  • Legs or attachment hardware...TBD...

Have you ever made a headboard? Do you have any tips or ticks I should keep in mind? Any preference for fabrics, nailhead trim kits?  

Monday, January 14, 2013

n is for navy

I think I've mentioned a time or 10 that I love navy blue. I spent most of last week on the couch with the flu. If I wasn't sleeping, working or shivering from chills and a fever, I was browsing the internet for inspiration.

This morning I realized that a majority of my search history included the words "navy" or "blue. Hence, today's letter of the day is "n" for navy blue!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

number 15

Alabama won the National Championship last night! That's number 15 folks! For all the doubters out there, it's truly undeniable that this team won on pure grit, determination and hard work! Roll Tide!!

...And props to Mr. S for creating for me a custom Eddie Lacy jersey! He tried before Christmas to find one for me and after a lot of searching and research, he ordered the numbered jersey, bought the letters from Hobby Lobby and made this custom jersey for me. He's quite the DIY-er!! Thank you!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

roll tide

Today Alabama, my near and dear alma mater, takes on Notre Dame in Miami for our shot at our 15th National Championship. Clearly, I'm excited...

I hope you are too, but if it's just too early for you this morning, this video is sure to get you jazzed for tonight's game. Roll Tide!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

triple wrap - la mer watch

Two years ago I became obsessed with a triple wrap watch band and my Mom, being the hunter she is, found the perfect watch from La Mer Collections that wraps three times in beautiful black leather with a silver square face.  I wear it at least 3 times a week with stacked bracelets or even by itself. Needless to say I've nearly worn it out, and sung the La Mer Collection praises each time someone asks about my wrap watch.

As I was browsing Target before Christmas I stumbled upon La Mer Collection watches at the jewelry counter! Bingo...Mr. S slyly found out how badly I wanted one (insert - emailed christmas list here) and picked out the perfect bright teal addition to my watch collection.

These perfect accessories are on sale now for $30 at Target, but you can also find a TON of beautifully unique pieces on their site. Every girl should have a watch that makes a statement. While I love the big gold watch trend, there's something snazzy about flashing a watch that really stands out from the rest of run-of-the-mill watch bands out there.  You can even customize your own watch on their site. Here are some other watches from La Mer Collection I would love to add to my collection.

** These statements and opinions are my own. I am not paid by La Mer Collection or any of their affiliates for this post and my endorsement of their products. I'm simply a faithful consumer!**

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013...let's do this

Last year I kept it simple with my resolutions...check 'em out here...and I think I did a pretty good job of making them happen. I changed jobs to align more with my passions. (cross that one off the list) Mr. S recently made note that I've not slowed down or stopped fretting, but done a good job about unplugging, letting go of past worries and being here and now. I'd say 2 out of the 4, one of which required a career change, is a good start. So I'm going to keep with the same resolutions for 2013, because let's face it 50% success doesn't count as a win.

2013...let's do this.

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