Thursday, January 24, 2013

5 nuggets of airplane etiquette

I'm writing this in-flight out of irritation, so bare with me as I air my grievances - pun intended. Being polite should never be forgotten, much less as the cabin door closes. I think these seem pretty obvious, but in the last 30 minutes at 33,000 feet, I've seen them all. I might be particularly sensitive or jaded since I've been in Vegas for a day or two too long, but here we go...

5 nuggets of airplane etiquette

1. keep your voice down -

If the entire plane is quite, keep it down. The person next to you is just 6 inches away, they can hear you clearly, and the people in row 29 don't want to know about your budding web cam adult film career. (This just happened to me - I wish I was lying.)

2. headphones in, it's time to end the convo - 

This is a polite hint that the person next to you is ready to settle in for some quite time...don't tap them to keep talking after they've put their headphones in. Be respectful.

3. middle seaters go when the others do - 

If you are saddled being stuck in the middle seat and the people on either side of you get up to visit the wash closet - do the same. It saves you time, and the people around you from being disturbed when you're ready to get up.

4. keep your tunes down -

Just because you like to jam to the latest Kanye tune, doesn't mean your neighbors do. This goes for watching movies or tv on the plane too.

5.  cover your mouth - 

Seems like common sense, but I watched a lady two rows up spew snot and such in the air without even moving to cover her mouth or's flu season people...yeesh.

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