Monday, January 21, 2013

diy headboard - complete

Whelp folks, I finally accomplished a DIY project I set my mind to within 7 days of having the idea - quite a feat for me! Mr. S and I tackled this one head on and I'm happy to report the DIY headboard - COMPLETE!

Here's what we bought

  • 4 x 8 "3/4 MDF board - the guy at Home Depot suggested that if we wanted to make sure there weren't imperfections in the "wood" or that the headboard wouldn't warp over time, to use this. We had this cut to be the width we needed- 79' to be exact = $40.00
  • 2.89 yards of heavy linen fabric - I had a giftcard for a pricey fabric store in town, The Final Yard, and used this to purchase my fabric = $15.00
  • Nailhead trim kit = $19.00
  • Spray upholestry adhesive = $5.00
  • High-loft king size quilt batting = $15.00 (on sale)

Total spent: $94

Here's how we did it

So after all the browsing and tutorials I studied, we kind of winged it. I shared with Mr. S the tutorial on Centsational Girl's blog and he said, "we got this." He also decided since this was our first go around, that we should keep our design simple and not so "girly with all those scallops and stuff." So we compromised, plus I needed his muscles to help me carry this thing and hold the fabric tight, and for that I'll give up a bit of creative control.

We sprayed the MDF with adhesive and laid the first layer of batting, and wrapped it around the edges securing it with staples. Then we did the same thing with another layer of batting.  Then we flipped it over and trimmed the excess off the back.

Next, we flipped the board back over, sprayed a layer of upholstery adhesive and very carefully laid out the linen on top of the batting, and tightly wrapped it over the edges & stapled it to the back of board. Be careful with how you fold your corners - make sure they're a neat fold and your fabric stays tight. Two sets of hands for this is crucial.

Then it was time for the nail head trim - the crown jewel of this whole masterpiece. We used a laser level and a tape measure to make sure every nail head was the exact distance away from the edge ( 3.8 inches) & in straight line all the way around. This was the most difficult & time consuming part, and really took two of us to do with one measuring and the other hammering the nailhead into the board.

I would highly recommend the nailhead trim kit - every 5th nail was actually nailed into the headboard, while the others are decorative, but they all look attached to the board. I've seen some people mention using a rubber mallet to hammer them into the board, but we used a regular hammed and it worked just fine.

After going around 3 sides of the headboard with the nailhead - we didn't want the decorative trim at the bottom to risk snagging sheets of anything...VOLIA we were done!

I'd say the total time for the whole project from laying the first piece of batting, to the nailing the last nailhead was about 1 hr 45 minutes. The most tedious part was choosing the fabric (I was SUPER picky), and then making sure the nailhead was in a straight line and exactly the same distance from the edge of the board.

Unfortunately we ran out of time on Saturday afternoon to put it up in our room, but Mr. S and my dear Dad-in-law are working on that this week while I am traveling for work. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them in my Inbox.

Did you tackle any projects this weekend?


  1. This looks amazing. I can't wait to see it in place. You've inspired me!

  2. SO glad - I can't wait to see it installed - made me so happy to not spend the $500+ that I was contemplating on spending!

  3. i LOVE it. you're so good! i want an upholstered headboard and now I'm considering a little DIY action. post pics of it in the room!


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