Friday, January 18, 2013

techno friday- jawbone up

Okay, so I'm a geek at heart. I like the news, tech blogs, CBS Sunday Morning and terribly corny jokes...but this is no joke. Today I thought we'd hit up a techno Friday post, and talk about the Jawbone UP.

Not only is Up water proof, it is a pedometer, it tracks your sleep pattens (it can wake you up too!), tracks your eating habits (it can sense if you're eating too fast!) and what you've eaten, reminds you to be more active if is senses you've been idle for too long...and it all rolls into one app on your iPhone (sorry droid users!) to help you control and monitor your activities. Plus the Up bands come in an array of colors - mint green?! Hello chic!?!

Can you tell I'm totally enamored by this product? It fascinates me how many components make the Up bracelet come together to act as a full service lifestyle monitoring system. I gotta get one, and toss my rinky-dink pedometer that has an old school ball mechanism.

But really, I want to know what you think! Do you have an Up? Is this just the next step in technology controlling our lives? Have you found it useful or would you pass? Tell me!

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  1. Have you used this yet? I want one to track my work day.

  2. I haven't gotten one yet - I'm hoping "someone" gets a hint for Valentine's day since he nixed my getting one while we were at Best Buy last weekend :)


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