Friday, February 1, 2013

techno friday - pack it up

I've got to pack it up again and jump a series of flights starting on Sunday morning for work, and not retuning home until Friday.  I'm rethinking my Knomo laptop bag that I use everyday to and from the office. It's sleek, flexible (it expands) and is durable, but it's not great (i.e. painful) for carrying a heavy load to and fro, from plane to plane.


Here are a few bags I've spotted, and think they might work for what I need over the next few weeks of traveling for work. Keep in mind, I'm long past my concerns for fashion. I've got 8 connecting flights over five days next week - it's completely about function here folks.

Do you have a favorite travel laptop bag that you would recommend? I'm open to help and guidance as I search for a new bag.

Switch Laptop Shoulder Bag

I really like that there's an option to use this bag as both a shoulder bag and a backpack depending on your needs. Plus it's not just another black laptop bag.

HEX Bristol Duffle

Sold by the Apple store, this bag is not just a laptop bag, but doubles as a laptop bag for traveling. Bingo - not only could it hold my work stuff, but there goes the additional bag for my shoes, blow dryer, curling iron and straightener. A two-in-one makes life easier.


Thule Crossover Backpack

Also sold by Apple, this traditional backpack is made for durability and all that comes with hauling your gear from city to city. Every nook and cranny in this bad boy is another spot to store everything you need for in-flight productivity.


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