Thursday, March 7, 2013

a new jc penney

Like most folks, until recently I associated JC Penney with the store my Nana took me to when she was on the hunt for a new house coat when I was a kid. We've all seen their recent wave of hip commercials comparing an expensive look to a more reasonably prices one found at their stores, and we may have even heard that they're in a pickle with market share and stock prices, but I'm here to tell you there's a new JC Penney behind those doors.

Two weekends ago, Mr. S and I stopped by our local mall to check out renovation progress, and entered through the JC Penny store. I. was. shocked.

Our local store has been renovated with a more upscale feel with clean displays, small boutique-like stores within the greater space, called "The Shops," and music pumping in that specific section geared at the specific target audience - i.e. sleek black lacquered racks and hip techno music in the juniors section. If there's a JC Penney in your town, no matter how small it may be, there is no excuse not to have a great outfit or a lovely home. They have done a really good job revamping the look for their stores, the designers they have partnered with (Jonathan Adler is debuting a line of home goods this month!).

The bottom line is that JC Penney has really brought a new spin to the customer experience in their stores, and I like it. Without change, there's never an opportunity for success, even for a mainstay brand in the fabric of American malls across the country!

I personally fell in love with Joe Fresh line of clothing, and keep coming back to these few outfits as I think through my spring wardrobe.

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