Monday, April 29, 2013

see ya april

See ya April. I ain't sad this month is almost over. I'm writing this post to remind myself that it's not been all bad, so hold tight for a second with me. It's been 30 days full of a great deal of learning, stress and sleepless nights. But really, it's made me realize how lucky we are to be surrounded by friends and family that never cease to make me think twice about blessings in life.

It started off with an outstanding trip to celebrate the wedding of two of our closest friends with a huge group of really great friends to Anna Maria Island, Florida. Our groups of friends took over a resort, stayed up too late, laid by the pool, ate amazing food, drank a few too many drinks and had more fun & made more memories than I could have imagined.

Unfortunately, April really got to stinkin' after that Friday night we'd like to forget landed Charlie in the doggie hospital for a weekend, and then under the knife to repair his leg and pelvis. 

If it weren't for my Mom coming to stay with us, making meals for us, taking care of our lawn/flowers and walking Charlie the 10x per day the first week he was home, we might have lost all hope since we've not had a full night's sleep since early April.

Not to mention our amazing friends who've stopped by, texted, called and brought yummy treats and awesome cards to help cheer up the patient! Each of you deserve a gold star. Who thinks to bring an injured puppy get well cards and treats?! THANK YOU!

We were sent another amazing bright spot when the best friend God could have put on this earth, Ms. Parker, came for a visit with her terrific boyfriend, Mr. H. It was such fun for us to have their laughter and positivity here, even if they had to leave us to go back to Richmond. Next time I may hog tie them and keep them here forever.

Then this past weekend, we packed up the car, Jack & Charlie, two kennels and a lot of doggie toys, and headed to Charlottesville to celebrate two more of our awesome friends' engagement. It's always such a blessing to celebrate the happiness of our friends, and the excitement of their happiness and future that lies ahead. Congrats Alex and Braden!!

Now, May is lookin' pretty legit starting with Apple Blossom next weekend (more on that later), and then this exciting event - the graduation of my sister from college. (Shhh...she doesn't want people to know, but she was nominated as 1 of 10 seniors for Outstanding Senior in the ENTIRE graduating class.) I'm pretty darned proud of this gal.

I hope April has treated each of you well, and when the going gets tough just look next to you. We're all surrounded by more support than we realize, and it only becomes more apparent when we're tested. 

Thank you to each of you for your sweet posts, comments and encouragement. Mr. S and I are lucky to have each of you.

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