Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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If you haven't heard of the book Spousonomics, let me say that you're missing out. Mr. S and I have read it together, and we have several other friends read it too, and, like us, they found it to immensely helpful as they navigate living together and married life. Now, let me also say I highly recommend this book for people who aren't married, dating or even thinking of either of those two. In general, it's a great book for life about division of labor and roles in any relationship.

I'm no economist, nor does that "stuff" peek my interest, but there's something to be said for opportunity costs (disclaimer: this is the only economy term I can ever remember) when it comes to dividing the labor of household duties and chores. Just because a 50-50 split of chores, or the old idea that the wife takes the inside duties of the house and hubby takes the outside, "makes sense" doesn't always mean it's going to work for you and your partner. I'll say right now, that 50-50 split does not work in Casa De Surber, thanks in part to reading this book.

I don't want to give up all the nuggets of this gem of a read, but if you've ever sat back and scratched your head or thrown a vase in angst when it comes to sorting out roles, duties, chores, etc. I highly suggest picking up this read while you're on spring break! Trust me, it's an easy read with real-life examples and first-hand accounts of every situation you could imagine. And there may be a mention of wine and cheese a few times, which really helps when we're talking about economics relating to relationship roles...I'm just sayin'.

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