Thursday, May 2, 2013

apple blossom

Whelp, the first weekend of May is here, and so the 86th Annual Apple Blossom Festival is upon us. Grab your finest pink and green outfit, a friend or ten, a stiff drink and get to house hopping along the grand parade route that's sure to last the entire afternoon on Saturday.

If you're not from Winchester, Va, you might be asking yourself what the heck is this girl talking about? Well, quite simply, in a town that thrives on the apple business (the fruit, not technology) this town goes bananas (pun intended) when the apple trees begin blooming. It means the harvest is just around the corner! Yep, this place celebrates the growing of apples and the lovely blooms that appear on the trees this time of year.

Now, please don't get me wrong here folks,  I'm all about this celebration and everything that comes with it. I even said "Happy Apple Blossom" to the lady at the dry cleaners, who replied with the same. And, what red-blooded American doesn't love an excuse to wear bright spring colors, decorate the house in banners and flags, sip cold drinks with friends on a beautiful spring day and watch grown adults get entirely too into the pomp and circumstance of who the Queen will be this year, whose children were selected to be a princess, and just how many social parties they'll attend, again in pink & green to boot.

Mr. S and I circa 2010

My dear in-law's lovely home all decked out for the parade

There's the queen and her princesses
Oh, and let's not forget the B-list celebs that come to town to be the Grand Marshal? Val Kilmer 2010...yep, there he is in a tweed coat in 75 degree weather.

Oh yeah, and Mario Lopez joined in the fun last year!

image source: My friend Lauryn's ABC TV3 blog 
Don't miss reading Lauryn's, pictured above, first-hand account of the festival, from princess to emcee, Lauryn's done it all. It's in her blood!

In short, this weekend is the biggest of the year in our fair town. My office is even closing tomorrow at 1 PM so everyone can get home in time for the Firefighters' Parade. That leads me to confess to you all that I am thoroughly excited that Jep and Jessica, from Duck Dynasty, will be grand marshals of that parade tomorrow night. Check out all the celebs coming to town this weekend!

image source:
Don't you worry, I'll share a TON of pictures and regale you all with pictures from this weekend's festivities. In the meantime, be sure to keep up with all the mayhem on my Instagram!

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