Monday, June 10, 2013

business casual

I'm in Dallas for the week at a national meeting for my team, and in the midst of all the planning there was a lot of talk about what business casual means to the sexes. There's a fine line when talking about this in any office (insert HR issues), but it's especially important to make clear expectations of what "business casual" means in your office for both men and women.

Stick with me here, because I know that every office is different but these are my 3 standard rules of thumb when it comes to summer business casual dress for us workin' gals. I'm not saying that I'm "right", but they seem to have worked for me in feeling professional and comfortable at the office during the hot summer months.

Peep-toe vs. Open toe

Keep it simple and classic with a peep toe shoe, and save the awesome wedge sandals for Happy Hour. I don't want to be in a meeting and see your feet popping out, or smell them after you've trekked all over the office all day.
peep toe vs. sandal
Christin Michaels platform heels / Timeless patent leather peep toe pumps, $45

Sleeveless vs. Cap Sleeve 

Albeit slight, there's a difference in the look and message a sleeveless shirt vs. cap sleeve shirt sends about you. Your colleagues or clients don't want to be in a meeting and see your sweaty armpit as you try to point to a chart at the top of the screen. I did the nasty mid-August commute on public transportation, and it's horribly miserable in sleeves but for the sake of your co-workers throw on a cardigan or a sheer top while you're in the office.
        sleeveless vs capsleeve

Emilio Pucci / ISSA LONDON jersey dress

Capris - Tailored vs. Trendy

I love my capris as much as the next gal, but make sure if you're wearing them to work that they're tailored & pressed, and not skin tight on you. A nice bright cotton/spandex fabric combo is always a must, but stay far away from linen or denim fabrics. These just don't look as crisp as they should by mid-day (see note above about hot commutes), and are simply too casual for the office even if they're more comfortable & it is hotter than heck out.

Bebe capri jeans / Ann Taylor lined pants

Do you have any do's or don't's for summer work fashion?

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  1. Ugh! This is a post so many people need to read - especially the difference between a peep toe v. a sandal!


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