Tuesday, June 4, 2013

liebster award nominee

My dear friend Heather from Fiery and Opinionated nominated me for a Libester Award yesterday - THANK YOU! Even though I did my 5 Things About Me yesterday, I thought what the hay - I'm gonna keep sharing with you this week.

11 questions for the newest liebster ladies (from Heather): 

 1. if you were a wine, which would you be? 
 I'd be a magnum bottle of Tisdale.
It's cheap and there's a lot of it - just how I like my wine. 

 2. which social media site are you most addicted to? 
No doubt about this one - INSTAGRAM!

 3. if you could change one thing about blogging, what would it be? 
The witty and beautiful posts I construct in my head would magically appear on the screen...ehh...maybe in 2020 that technology will be available?

 4. what's your idea of a perfect friday night? 
Dinner and drinks out with friends & Mr. S - preferably dining outside.

5. i have a private jet and you can use it to go anywhere you want, where are you going? 
To South Africa - Mr. S talks non-stop about going back and I'm dying to visit. Plus it's a long flight and I'd like to have your plane to avoid that hot & sticky stop in Senegal that I've heard about. 

6. who do you have a girl crush on (celebrity, character, blogger, you name it!)? 
Hands-down, Zoey Deschanel. I know we'd be besties if we even just said hi. 

7. if i tell you a poop story, are you 
a. cracking up, b. disinterested but humoring me, or c. grossed out? 
I have a sick sense of humor...totally laughing and then telling you one too. 

8. we have a dinner date next week - are you cooking or taking me out?  what's on the menu?
Cooking my favorite and recently perfected, Chicken Marsala.
(Sorry I'm not giving away my secrets on this one!)

9. name a celebrity that drives you completely insane.
Giada De Laurentiis. She whips out a fake Italian accent one minute, and the next is talking normally. STOP that right now. And while you're at it go eat a burger, PUHHLEASE.

10. are you a night or morning person? 
Morning - ask Heather - I'm up bright and early, and chipper the moment my feet hit the ground! 

11. if you couldn't live where you live today, what city would you move to instead?
Paris - but let me make a disclaimer by saying, at this point in my life I wouldn't move into some dingy 4 floor walk-up with paper-thin walls. It'd have to be a spacious 3 bedroom apartment and I'd have to have an income to never have to cook since the dining options are endless. That's asking too much, right?

Check back on Thursday to see who I'm nominating for the Liebster Award and the questions I am asking nominees!

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