Tuesday, June 11, 2013

techno tuesday: wemo

I should have posted about this a long, long time ago and let you all in on a little secret. We've found by far, the best thing for our home ever. Mr. S got two of these handy devices for Christmas, and I am sorry I haven't shared sooner.

Remember when you wish you had remembered to turn on a light at home before you left for vacation to trick people in to thinking someone was home. Or turn on your curling iron before you got in the shower 15 minutes late on a Monday morning. Whelp, there's an app/tool for that - Wemo, by Belkin.

Wemo plugs into any outlet in your home,  connects to your wifi and then app on your smart phone (available for iPhone and Android). The app gives you full control over the device plugged into Wemo. With the scheduling function  you can program lights and appliances to turn on or off on specified days and times. It's genius.

In the winter months we used it to turn the lights on in our house for the puppies around 4:40 PM when it began to get dark and turn them off later in the evening. No more walking into a dark home or worrying about the puppies being in the dark. And I've even moved them from lamps to use in my bathroom when I knew my schedule would be tight to get ready in the morning.

Total peace of mind all around, and at $50 per switch, one or two will do the trick to put your mind at ease.
image source: belkin.com

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with or compensated by Belkin, but am simply a happy customer, who wanted to share my experience and joy of this product with you.

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