Friday, July 19, 2013

it's friday, and I'm just sayin'

My friend Heather does this thing on her blog on Friday's called, "It's Friday, and I'm just sayin'"where she muses on current event topics, ideas, things she's done during the week or planning to do... so I'm stealing her post idea for today because I'm lazy today and don't have an original one of my here goes!

This week sucked...
I was wiped from last weekend, despite it being freakin' awesome...
Charlie's PT wants us to spend a boat load on doggie water-treadmill therapy...
I had a lot of random projects pop-up at work....
I got a migraine on Thursday...and this week sucked.

I'm just sayin'.

Mr. S is a saint...
He spent 4 hours at Apple on Wednesday night recovering my MacBook hard-drive
and not getting home until 10:30 PM...I hit the husband lotto.

I'm just sayin'.

This weekend I'm off to Richmond for quality girl time with my old roommate...
There's another bridal shower for another friend on Saturday...more quality friend time...
I'm ready for girl time and a lot of wine...
Friends are food for the soul...

I'm just sayin'.

I hope you have a killer weekend... Come back Monday for some cool stuff!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

wise words for wednesday

Tonight, I'm watching Midnight in Paris with my girl friends in honor of all of us finishing the book The Paris Wife. If you haven't picked up this read this summer, I highly recommend it. It's a page turner for sure.

The book follows Hemingway's first wife as she navigates dating and marrying Ernest, and then moving to Paris together. It is entertaining, moving, interesting and sad all in one; and you'll fall in love with Hadley Hemingway, I promise.

So today's wise words come from the man himself, Ernest Hemingway.

Monday, July 15, 2013

crazy wedding weekend

Phew...this weekend was CRAZY! Crazy fun, crazy fast, crazy exciting and just plain crazy! Weddings are always so much fun, but being the day-of-coordinator for this shin-dig was way more fun and exciting than I had ever imagined. It made me relive our wedding again with the jitters of the bride, the excitement of sticking to the schedule, the harassing of the groomsmen to get it together, of making sure we got all the family was a crazy wedding weekend!

I prepped by decorating our house with a little banner...

We rehearsed the heck out of the wedding ceremony...We had an awesome time at the rehearsal dinner!

After a morning of wedding checklist prep, we got everyone ready and lined up to get hitched...isn't Ash stunning?!?!...

Once I got the blushing bride down the aisle, I took my seat for the main-event, which was so very special and romantic...

The cake topper was in place and the surprise grooms cake set...

Then it was time to partay with Mr. S and our friends...

And our wedding photographer, Jen Fariello, who also shot the wedding this weekend!!

There were glow sticks and friends...

An awesome guest book with perfect hearts in the wedding colors made by the maid-of-honor...

An 80's band...what more could you ask for?!

 The flowers were beautiful and the cake was really yummy!

We finally fed the best man (whoops wife/wedding coordinator fail)...

And as we left we posed for pictures with the paddy wagon...which we did not take home!

It was a wonderful, beautiful, fun, exciting and exhausting weekend! Now it's time for some rest and a massage!

Friday, July 12, 2013

rain is good luck

Two of our closest friends are getting married this weekend! Ashley and Scott have practically lived with us during the last year planning their wedding here in town - they have their own keys to the house, the bathroom is stocked with their toothbrushes and their clothes are in the guest room dresser - we wouldn't have it any other way. I'm over the moon excited for them. I'm at a loss for words to express my joy for them, so you know that's huge!

Rain is good luck. 

There's a chance of rain tomorrow, but I got to thinking about it this morning, and the  beauty of the rain on a wedding day and the luck that comes with it too, far outweighs any negatives  - here are some examples that capture the joy and beauty of a wedding rain shower. No matter what, it will be a perfect wedding day for the perfect pair!

Monday, July 8, 2013

off the grid

Last week I went off the grid - no cell phone access, email or social media activity. I turned off my cell phone, stopped answering emails, didn't post a single Instagram picture or Facebook status. It was a technology detox.

Impressed? Don't be. It was like being a crackhead. I had to literally delete my email accounts, and social media apps from my phone and put my phone in a drawer, then promptly have a margarita to forget where I put it.

I mentioned last week it was our first week-long vacation in 2 years, and I realized after two days that I wasn't actually enjoying my time with Mr. S or my family (which was seriously needed), because I wasn't turning off my brain.

My jump from the grid, albiet brief, was pretty abrupt. With the exception of a post on Facebook, telling a few friends & family via text, letting our house sitter know how to reach Mr. S and letting work know that I was not checking emails for the remainder of the week; I went cold turkey.

Truthfully, I'm sad to have to return to the digital world so soon. Yeah, I know I'm all into technology, but it was so nice to not roll over check my phone the moment I awoke, to post a million pictures of my day or peep through what everyone else was doing to celebrate the 4th of July, or have the ding of my email to make me feel like I was missing another flash sale on white linens.

It was freeing. I read a couple of books, watched tennis, went on several walks a day, went for ice cream, had wonderful talks and qt with Mr. S. I really enjoyed vacation, and actually relaxed.

I've been in information overload for FAR too long and unnecessarily stressed from it all - work, personal, relationship, friendship, world news, local name it. Who knows why? Maybe I have FOMO or I'm an information addict. Either way, I've got a good mind to do it more often - every weekend? Once a month?

I should note here that I had some help to get me through my cravings for connectivity. The July issue of Fast Company, just happened to be in my magazine pile I had brought along to read, featured an article of Baratunde Thurston's first-hand account of his 25 day digital detox. While he did all sorts of prep far in advance that I did not do, he had some great insights and tips for sticking to it. There is also a company that does Digital Detox Retreats, which is tempting, and here are some detox tips from the tech-world's biggest names.

Have you done a digital detox? Thinking about it? Do it. It's the best way to actually live your life.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy 4th of july

I hope each of you has a wonderful 4th of July, full of fireworks and celebration with your loved ones near and dear!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

wrightsville beach- shopping

There's some awesome shopping haunts here in Wrightsville that are a must when you've had enough sun and sand, or if the weather starts to stink. There's every option from surf shop to trendy fashions.



Full of beautiful handmade jewelry, funky sunglasses and fashionable wears. If you're on the hunt for the perfect summer outfit this should be your first stop. The girls that work there are beautiful and they're the epitome of the store's relaxed, yet fashionable style with a dash of personal stylist to boot.

Sweetwater Surf Shop

A typical surf shop, this spot is your one-stop shop for all things surfer. You'll find shiny new surfboards, more bathing suits than you could imagine, sunglasses galore and flowing beach cover-ups. 

Redix Store

Guy Harvey. Vineyard Vines. Southern Tide. Tervis Tumbler. Costa Del Mar. These preppy summer staples can be found at this gem, just over the bridge as you enter Wrightsville Beach. Since it's Mr. S's favorite spot, we tend to end up here 2-5x in a week "just to look."  But they also have tackle and fishing gear too, so that helps his case for going to look.

Lumina Station

The perfect combination of dining options, men's and women's stores, this shopping spot has everything you need for everyone in the family + some great spots to stop for a bite to eat. Need your Tory Burch fix, check-out Monkees. Or how about a new pair of undies, visit Lillies and Lace.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

wrightsville beach - eats

We've packed the car, the dogs, kennels and bathing suits and are now settled in at our family beach house in Wrightsville, NC. This week I want to share with you my favorite places around these parts. Today - let's eat!


South Beach Grill

Don't let it's funky location, saddled between two streets, fool you, parking might suck, but the food DOES NOT! Get the seafood nachos, and send me a thank you. Think homemade chips, salty with fresh salsa, guac, the catch of the day, shrimp and scallops. Plus eating outside on their patio to watch the sunset is the perfect way to end the day. Don't miss going here!

Causeway Cafe

If a greasy breakfast, pancakes,hot coffee & cheap breakfast are your thing, then get your butt outta bed and get here before the hung-over UNC-Wilmington students do. It's a perfect spot to soak up the local news around the beach, but also fill your stomach for a long day in the sun.

East Ocean Front 

This is the only place I've ever seen my parents go to three times in a week for a meal. My dad swears their fish is the freshest he's ever had. Located inside the Blockade Runner Hotel, it's a great spot for a more upscale and refined atmosphere - but don't let it fool you, the food is darn good.

Motts Channel Seafood

Thinking about making dinner - stop here and grab what's just come in off the boats. They have delicious shrimp and always have fresh catch of the day on ice ready for the grill. The staff is super knowledgeable and ready to help you figure out the best way to cook your purchase or share a new recipe.

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