Monday, July 8, 2013

off the grid

Last week I went off the grid - no cell phone access, email or social media activity. I turned off my cell phone, stopped answering emails, didn't post a single Instagram picture or Facebook status. It was a technology detox.

Impressed? Don't be. It was like being a crackhead. I had to literally delete my email accounts, and social media apps from my phone and put my phone in a drawer, then promptly have a margarita to forget where I put it.

I mentioned last week it was our first week-long vacation in 2 years, and I realized after two days that I wasn't actually enjoying my time with Mr. S or my family (which was seriously needed), because I wasn't turning off my brain.

My jump from the grid, albiet brief, was pretty abrupt. With the exception of a post on Facebook, telling a few friends & family via text, letting our house sitter know how to reach Mr. S and letting work know that I was not checking emails for the remainder of the week; I went cold turkey.

Truthfully, I'm sad to have to return to the digital world so soon. Yeah, I know I'm all into technology, but it was so nice to not roll over check my phone the moment I awoke, to post a million pictures of my day or peep through what everyone else was doing to celebrate the 4th of July, or have the ding of my email to make me feel like I was missing another flash sale on white linens.

It was freeing. I read a couple of books, watched tennis, went on several walks a day, went for ice cream, had wonderful talks and qt with Mr. S. I really enjoyed vacation, and actually relaxed.

I've been in information overload for FAR too long and unnecessarily stressed from it all - work, personal, relationship, friendship, world news, local name it. Who knows why? Maybe I have FOMO or I'm an information addict. Either way, I've got a good mind to do it more often - every weekend? Once a month?

I should note here that I had some help to get me through my cravings for connectivity. The July issue of Fast Company, just happened to be in my magazine pile I had brought along to read, featured an article of Baratunde Thurston's first-hand account of his 25 day digital detox. While he did all sorts of prep far in advance that I did not do, he had some great insights and tips for sticking to it. There is also a company that does Digital Detox Retreats, which is tempting, and here are some detox tips from the tech-world's biggest names.

Have you done a digital detox? Thinking about it? Do it. It's the best way to actually live your life.


  1. love this - awesome job! I didn't go completely technology-free this vacation, but did cut back a ton and it was SO nice. I think I'll be trying this soon!

  2. Thanks Heather!! It was soo refreshing...totally recommend it!!


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